Steps to Apply for Disabled Education Assistance Program (DEA)- Chapter 35 Benefits:

  1. Go to the
  2. Click “Education Benefits” (Blue Box on Home Page)
  3. Click “Application Process”
  4. Click Green Box “Apply for Benefits”
  5. Fill out a 22-5490
  6. A Certificate of Eligibility will be sent to you in the mail

Steps to Use Chapter 35 as a New On Campus Student:

  1. Bring your Certificate of Eligibility to Orientation
  2. At Orientation you will fill out a Student Information Form
  3. At Orientation you will fill out an Advising Worksheet and it will be signed by your academic advisor during Orientation
  4. Turn in all three documents to the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs (3000 Houser Hall)

The Office of Veteran and Military Affairs will only accept completed packets in order to avoid document duplication.

New Online and Graduate Students

Online students will need to send a completed packet via email at or fax to 205-348-5804 (if faxed please call 205-348-0983 for confirmation). A completed packet includes the following:

VA Payments

All Chapter 35 payments are paid directly to the student. For rate tables for Chapter 35 please click here.