Steps to Apply for Post 9/11 Benefits:

  1. Go to the
  2. Click “Apply for Education Benefits” (Blue Box on Home Page)
  3. Click Blue Box “Select Correct Form”
    1. Applicant is the student attending the university
      1. If you are a dependent, you must be 18 or graduate high school before you can apply for benefits.
      2. UA Address: 730 Campus Drive, Tuscaloosa AL 35487
      3. Student must be listed on bank account for VA deposits
  4. A Certificate of Eligibility will be sent to you in the mail, it is not sent to the school

Steps to Use Post 9/11 as a New On Campus Student:

  1. Bring your Certificate of Eligibility to Orientation
  2. At Orientation you will fill out a Student Information Form
  3. At Orientation you will fill out an Advising Worksheet and it will be signed by your academic advisor during Orientation
  4. Turn in all three documents to the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs (3000 Houser Hall) or via the VMA Student Document Upload link

The Office of Veteran and Military Affairs will only accept completed packets in order to avoid document duplication.

New Online and Graduate Students

Online students will need to send a completed packet via the MyBama upload link or fax to 205-348-5804 (if faxed please call 205-348-0983 for confirmation). A completed packet includes the following:

VA Payments

The VA only pays for tuition and course fees to The University of Alabama. Basic Housing Allowances and Book Allowances is directly deposited to the student. Please keep in mind all other expenses charged by The University of Alabama are the responsibility of the student which can include:

  • Housing
  • Dinning Dollars
  • Meal Plans
  • Parking Pass

Please keep in mind that the VA pays for number of calender days in school for your Basic Housing Allowance. In addition, payments in August, December, January, and May will not be for a full payments based on The University of Alabama academic calender. For payment rates please please visit the VA website. 

The Office of Veteran and Military Affairs does not have access to payment dates from the Veterans Administration for monthly housing allowances or book allowances. Please call the VA Educational Hotline for any payment questions at 1-888-442-4551.