Veteran’s Week Events

  1.  Tuesday November 9th 11:00 until 1:00 the VMA will host a Military Family Appreciation Day Open House.  Lunch will be available in the VMA lounge for UA military-affiliated families and students.
  2. Wednesday November 10th 11:00 until 12:00  the VMA will host the annual Faculty and Staff Luncheon in the Heritage Room of the UA Student Center.  The event is open to all UA Faculty and Staff Veterans who RSVP.  (Call or email VMA)
  3. Thursday November 11th (Veteran’s Day) 10:00.  Veteran’s Memorial Park will be holding it’s annual ceremony.  From 11:30 until 1:00 the VMA will host a Veteran’s Appreciation Open House at the VMA.  Lunch will be provided in the VMA lounge.  At 2:00 there will be a Grand Opening of the Alabama Marines Foundation Veterans Clinic at the Entrance to Capital Hall on the UA campus.