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    VA Forms

    To Apply for Benefits

    • To Apply for Federal benefits- VONAPP
      • Post 9/11 Veterans fill out 22-1990
      • Post 9/11 Dependents fill out 22-1990E
      • Chapter 35 and FRY fill out 22-5490
    • To Apply for State Benefits

    Transfer Students

    • To transfer federal benefits to The University of Alabama- VONAPP
      • Fill out 22-1995

    To Take a Class At Another University

    Students who would like to take classes at a different institution using federal benefits needs to provide a Transient Letter from the University of Alabama verifying the courses you would like to take at another institution can be transferred to the University of Alabama. For instructions on how to get a transient letter please visit the Registrar.

    For Additional Assistance Contact the Registrar’s Office:
    (205) 348-2020

    • Our office needs a copy of this completed Transient Student Letter
    • The second form needed is the VA Course Approval Form from the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs
    • Contact the school you are taking classes outside The University of Alabama and verify what paperwork is needed for you to be certified by their school

    Tutoring Reimbursement

    Students who receive federal benefits may be eligible $100 a month for up to 12 months towards tutoring costs. For reimbursement please turn in a Tutoring Form to the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs.

    Licensing and Certification

    Students under federal benefits may qualify for licensing and certifications to be paid by the Veterans Administration. To request this reimbursement please fill out the a 22-1803 and turn it into the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs.

    Change Direct Deposit

    Please call 1-877-838-2778

    Request Your DD-214